Catering and Wedding Menu Planning

Most Indian weddings are remembered for their food. Your guests will often judge you by the food available at your wedding. You can have the best of venues with the right decoration, but if the food is not up to the mark, you will likely see all your efforts going in vain. Also, the food and beverages at your wedding is amongst the biggest contributors to your budget so it is only imperative that you make this choice very wisely. The Velvet Weddings works with the best of wedding catering services to ensure that all your guests are served delicious food at your wedding.

If you choose to go alone, you will have a lot of trouble finding the right caterer. When you work with us, you will have several top caterers to choose from. Keeping in mind all the different functions that we have in our Indian weddings, it is very important to plan the food menu very carefully. Don’t stick to the same menu for all the functions. Variety is very important. Guests should have all the good things to say about your wedding menu.


The things we will help you with in choosing the right caterer for your wedding include selecting a caterer that can prepare a variety of cuisines, is good with presentation, can provide you food tastings before selection, will be available for all your functions, and isn’t charging you anything that’s beyond your budget. We will also help you select the right beverages, based on your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage requirements.

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