Magnificent décor, vibrant settings, colorful lights, traditional rituals and fun-filled ambiance, wedding is all about filling the entire atmosphere with emotions, excitement and happiness. No matter whether you are making it small, extravagant or sumptuous, your dream wedding cannot be completed without dance and music. Shaking legs on DJ beats, performing ‘bhangra’ on Punjabi numbers and pep up the guests with lively music, Indian wedding is full of entrainment so let your marriage bells clang in style.

It is said that the entertainment on your wedding celebration is 80 per cent responsible for leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Therefore creating a right ambiance with the blend of folk dance and western music sets the right mood and stage for celebrating a dream wedding. We, at The Velvet Weddings’, strive to add zing to your wedding celebration, tempting your guests with best-in class entertainment service. Whether it is arranging celebrity performers, international performers, live bands, dance troupes or anchors, our dynamic and creative team of wedding planners ensures to make your wedding an amazing event for you, your family and guests to remember.

We believe in creating ‘out of the box’ wedding entertainment packages that make your guests to rave about your wedding. So play the music of your marriage celebration with ‘The Velvet Weddings’ and give a reason to your guests to remember your special day!

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